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Delivering tailored HR and Training solutions for small to medium-sized businesses…. At Cesca HR we understand that each client, each business and each situation is entirely unique. That’s why at Cesca HR we offer a range of flexible HR consulting and advisory support services to all organisations needing to resource their HR team or wishing to outsource all or part of the HR function. Our aim is to offer tailored HR advice, support and training, without the cost of employing a full-time member of staff. We know it’s hard enough running a business without having to cope with disciplinary issues or employment legislation, so we have a range of services designed to ease the pressure. We have a tailored solution to suit all; contact us now on 07725 972076 or 01283 222782 to find out how we can help you.

Our services

HR Consulting

  • Change Management

Businesses, industries and markets are dynamic and are in a constant state of flux. Working in what can be a difficult and risky space, Cesca HR have extensive experience to ensure any change management initiative (restructures, redundancies, TUPE transfer, etc.) in your organisation is conducted fairly, meets all legal requirements and allows your business to emerge streamlined and with its reputation intact.

We can help you plan, organise and implement change management programs successfully. We guide you from start to finish and work alongside you every step of the way. This practical hands-on help in professionally implementing a change program and helping you navigate through a potentially difficult and emotional time for your organisation allows you to achieve the best results for both your business and your teams.


  • HR Check Up

Where an organisation is seeking to assess the effectiveness of its HR function and to make improvements Cesca HR can provide independent, objective and systematic HR checkups.  Cesca HR will help you identify compliance issues, procedural deficiencies and areas for improvement.  HR checkups can be used to develop action or business plans based on the recommendations contained in the report. When used correctly and regularly, the checkup can foster a climate of continuous improvement, make business efficiencies and help the organisation’s HR function to develop.

  • HR Contracts, Policies and Procedures

Staying compliant in an increasingly litigious environment can be a challenge.  Cesca HR can help design and develop employee contracts, policies, procedures and handbooks specific to your organisation and industry’s requirements.


  • HR Strategy

For many businesses the money spent on salaries and wages every year will be the biggest expense the business has. Ensuring there is a solid HR strategy in place which maximises the return on this essential investment will give your business a strategic advantage and contribute to your overall success.

We can help you develop an HR plan to align with your organisation’s vision, values and long-term plan, and result in increased workforce productivity.

  • Succession Planning

Succession planning helps you decide where people belong within an organisation and can help to “future proof” your organisation.  Part of successfully planning for the future, is having a pool of trained and developed employees ready to step into critical roles. This minimises risk should key people leave. Cesca HR can guide you to develop a succession plan in your business, no matter what the size, that ensures a pool of talent is being developed for the future.

Not only does Succession Planning provide some insurance cover, it also results in stimulation and personal and professional growth for team members, which can help aid the retention of top performers.

  • Talent Management

Hand in hand with Succession Planning, talent management enables your organisation to identify talented employees and provide professional and personal development to prepare them for future higher level and broader responsibilities.


HR Advisory Support


Recruitment & On boarding



Leadership Development & Training

  • Training
    One of the greatest assets any business can have is its staff. Employees who perform well will in turn, help the business to succeed. Whether a high achieving team, or a manager with excellent people skills, the performance of your staff will have a direct effect on your business’s bottom line.

We recognise that not all businesses need training in all areas, therefore, in association with our training partner, we provide tailor-made courses to meet your needs. Working closely with you, we will design an individual training programme for your company.


Training courses include;

  • Anti-discrimination, Bullying and Harassment
  • Discipline and Grievance Procedure
  • Leadership and People Management
  • Managing Absence
  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Modern Performance Review Techniques
  • Recruitment, Interviewing and Onboarding
  • Time Management

Performance Management


Cesca HR can help you with all your performance management requirements, including:

  • Disciplinary Process

Ensure that you follow a fair and reasonable process to mitigate risk and that you make the right decisions in disciplinary matters. Our extensive experience in this area make the disciplinary process as stress free as possible. We are also always just a call away.


  • Managing Poor Performance

At Cesca HR, we understand that managing poor performance can be one of the most challenging and stressful situations a manager must handle. Our easy-to-use and straightforward guidelines can help you navigate this process to ensure you get the best outcome for the business and the employee.


  • Performance Reviews

We strongly believe in the imperative of creating a culture of positive performance within organisations. We have a long history of helping businesses develop and design performance management and review systems that work. Cesca HR can guide your managers to conduct the conversations that accompany these to get optimum results from each person in the business.


  • Workplace Investigations

HR investigations into gross misconduct for employers – Are you concerned with how to investigate a case of employee gross misconduct? Cesca HR offer an independent investigatory service to help you through this tricky situation. 

The aim of an investigation is to ascertain the facts, in a fair and objective way.  It is vital that the investigation is carried out promptly, and in line with your company’s disciplinary and grievance procedure. Tribunals take a dim view in cases where this does not happen.


It is best practice to select an investigating officer who is not the employee’s manager. However, for SMEs, this can pose an issue due to a lack of in-house resources. Cesca HR

can carry out investigations on your company’s behalf, reducing the stress and your time spent on these sensitive situations.


  • Workplace Mediation

Cesca HR offers workplace relations services to organisations and employers hoping to resolve issues in an objective and cost-effective manner. Our experienced workplace mediators use a confidential and structured dispute resolution technique to help improve internal and external working relationships.

Why choose Cesca HR?

Cesca HR will work in partnership with managers and their teams, with individual employees, and with other groups to provide programs and services that create a work environment of employee empowerment and involvement in the business. Our corporate values of customer orientation, continuous improvement, teamwork, and achieving results are woven into every aspect of human resource management.

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Our testimonials

"We have been working with Cesca HR since the start, they have supported us with the recruitment of staff, the legal aspects of contracts and performance management. The staff morale has shown a positive improvement with a more stable structure in place. Thank you so much Steph"
Gary Baldock